Missing Lottery Results

вторник, 13 июля 2010 г.

Every week, millions of people in Britain are anxious to know the results of the National Lottery. It was a kind of national tradition - to countless people around the world, united by hope and fear. I hope that today is the day of his life is changed forever, is the fear that the time to break its link number one.

This happens more often than most people think. left a total of nearly 300 million pounds has been suspended. For the most part, are mostly small fish - a dozen here or there. However, there are very successful are still waiting for a winner. For example, from November, priced at more than a hundred miles without a winner is left. The price has been too long without any complaints in the past. In Israel, a couple finally claimed the prize after a period of four months. had left the ground - the sliding door between them some documents into oblivion.

In March this year, players can pay a price for the disastrous results of the National Lottery. As soon as it was about £ 3.6 million before the declaration finally come of age 180 had no winner. The money is produced, instead of showing charity fund, the loss of someone else wins.

Not much is known about the winner. All we know is that the ticket was bought somewhere in Inverness. Why did not win who knows? They probably know they have the opportunity to lift millions lost.

The fact that someone from the national lottery results seem to forget the absurdity of the era. But as this story shows what can be done very easily.

Now there are more opportunities than ever to check the numbers. You can go online, updates sent to your mobile phone - combine to produce the impossible, whatever you do - not trying to be your number without your knowledge.

What is the moral of this story, anyway? Well, in short, that if he plays, always take the time to review the results of the National Lottery. Of course, you know how lucky you are getting the first prize somewhere, like life on Mars, but. You have something to say, to win, so at least make sure that if their number increases.

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